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ALBUM CREDITS: Tish Hinojosa(Producer), Tracie Lynn(producer), Jimmy LaFave, John Smith(Producer-Runaway), Champ Hood(Producer), Threadgill Troubadors, Jeff Devellez, Mike  Lankford, Iggy Vaughn, Dick Siegal, Danny Britt & Red Dawg(Producer), Sarah Elizabeth Campbell(Producer),Byrd &Street(Producer),Lynda Jones, Karen Abrahams(producer),James Hyland(producer), South Austin Jug Band(producer),Chip Dolan(producer)Warren Hood(producer)Kim Miller(producer).


If you are interested in having Marvin produce and or play tracks on your C.D., please contact at. Mdykhuis@Juno.com

 Marvin is also available for touring throughout the world. If you are interested, Please contact at the above address. Thanks.

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"My House"  CD available at CD Baby


Marvin plays Collings Guitars



Marvin exclusively uses Elixir Strings