What is an Anxiety Blanket?

The benefits of using an anxiety-blanket or “stress ball” are many. I have seen amazing results using both, and I would encourage you to give them a try. However, before you do, be sure you know what is covered under each heading. Here are my top four benefits of the stress ball:

anxiety-blanket Stress Reliever – How many times have you felt like you just couldn’t deal with the situation at hand? That sense of urgency, the gut reaction of “I can’t get this one…”, only seems to increase when it’s time to deal with the issue at hand. It’s not just situations at work that bring about this feeling, and it can also be caused by the stress of everyday life and family dynamics. Allowing yourself the luxury of a stress ball allows you to mentally “relax”, detach from your problems for a while and literally get away from them for a bit.

Reduces Emotional Arousal – An anxiety-blanket helps you lower your levels of anxiety. By inducing feelings of calmness, you are less likely to experience overwhelming emotions. It includes feelings of anger, fear or sadness. A well-designed anxiety-blanket will help you reduce such feelings as well and thereby help you stay calm and more in control of your emotions.

Helps “Turn off” the Thinking – Certain thoughts become habitual. They become so embedded that we sometimes can’t seem to do anything without thinking about them. These thoughts tend to distract us from important tasks and goals.

Motivates Personal Development – When you use an anxiety-blanket as a source of inspiration, it helps you think more clearly. It stimulates you and helps you develop creative problem-solving skills, and it gives you a new light on problems you previously ignored. These benefits are especially helpful when it comes to personal development. If you can’t get motivated to meet a target, you may find it hard to achieve success in personal areas. An anxiety-blanket gives you new ways to approach problems, making it easier for you to get where you want to go.

Strengthens Self-Esteem – An anxiety-blanket can serve as a great way to build up your self-esteem. You start to feel better about yourself and thus, achieve higher self-esteem, which is very useful in many areas of your life. It includes overcoming anxiety in social situations and improving your self-image.

Reduces Stress – If you’re stressed out, you tend to be less productive. You also miss out on valuable opportunities. In an environment where you are constantly bombarded with different demands, it’s easy to miss out on the simple things that keep you grounded and focused. A good anxiety blanket can keep you focused and give you the energy to tackle the most difficult tasks. This way, you get more done in less time.

Boosts Your immune system – Weighted blankets can help boost your immune system, thus, preventing you from getting sick. If you have a cold or sore throat, you can’t stand the thought of having to deal with it. By wearing a calming blanket, you can avoid worrying about having a cold. This way, you can stay healthy and prevent a lot of physical and mental illnesses.

Helps you sleep better – Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to drift off to sleep is a major cause of stress, and it can also cause you to get drowsy and forgetful. A good quality anxiety pillow can help you fall asleep comfortably and without being restless. It will put you into a state of deep relaxation so that you’ll have a sound sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and ready to face the day ahead.

Reduce Stress – Dealing with anxiety daily can lead to a serious imbalance in your body, especially if it completely takes over. If you feel stressed out, you tend to lose concentration and focus. Your heart rate will increase, and you won’t have the energy you need to live a normal life. An anxiety-blanket is a great way to combat this since it will put you into a relaxed state.