Bottle Recycling Depot Near Me

There is no need to go to the local bottle recycling depot near me if you’ve decided to recycle. There are many online recycling centres, and you can search for one near you on several sites. Earth 911, Tomra NY Recycling LLC and RePlanet are just a few. You can also check out SkipTheDepot, which allows you to donate recyclables and does not charge a deposit. You can also visit SkipTheDepot to drop off recyclables and get a free recycling pickup.

Bottle Recycling Depot Near meEarth 911 Recycling Center Search

Earth 911 has a helpful Recycling Center Search on its website. Input the name of the material, zip code, and city to find a recycling centre in your area. This service will keep chemicals out of our local water and soil. In addition, the search will list all the recycling centres in your area that accept the material you’re looking for. So, for example, if you’re a homeowner who needs to recycle batteries, you can use the Earth 911 Recycling Center Search to find a recycling centre.

Lowe’s Recycling Center Search

If you’re a regular visitor to your local Lowe’s store, you may already know that you can recycle some items there. For example, rechargeable batteries can be recycled free at Lowe’s recycling centres. The stores also accept plastic shopping bags, old mobile phones, and CFLs. Find a recycling centre near you by conducting a Lowe’s Recycling Center Search. The search will reveal the nearest locations and their hours and contact information.

Lowe’s recycling centres are conveniently located near the entrance of the stores. Most of them accept CFLs and rechargeable batteries. Many stores also accept food waste and items that are tainted with food. Plastic shopping bags and packing peanuts are accepted at Lowe’s as well. You can even bring your used cell phones for free. The store has recycling centres in Canada and the US. To find a nearby recycling centre, you can search for the nearest Lowe’s store or use Earth911’s archive to find the recycling centre.

Tomra NY Recycling LLC

If you’re in the market for a new bottle recycling depot near me and a recycling service, you might consider using a Tomra NY Recycling LLC. The cooperative comprises 14 beverage distributors, and its technology comes from Europe. The company recently earned a $16.9 million Sustainability Leadership Award in the “Private Sector” category and is proud to recycle more than 1 billion bottles and cans every year.

Founded in 1999, TNYR has grown into a regional company with multiple locations across the Hudson Valley. Its services include the delivery of reusable bottles and cans to businesses in the area and the collection of bottles and cans. You can find a convenient location near you with locations around the state. Tamara also offers a free mobile app that will let you track your recyclables and cash.


California has shut down hundreds of recycling centres in recent years, and the planet closure is just one of the latest examples. State law requires retailers to accept empty bottles and return them to recycle centres or give a full refund. However, replant has been less than forthcoming, and the company has faced a boycott by consumers. Consumer Watchdog has called on the state to step in and force retailers to redeem empties. It reported that consumers paid $1.5 billion in deposits in 2018 and only received half of that back. Protect CRV has formed a trade group to address these issues and urge the state to reconsider the bottle law.

The shutdown of the planet has left residents across California with fewer options and questions about where to recycle their bottle recycling depot near me and cans. The company has ceased operations in many California communities, leaving hundreds of people unemployed and fewer recycling options. The company says the closures result from reduced payments from the state, depressed pricing for PET plastic and scrap aluminium, and higher operating costs due to labour changes.

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