Security Doors – Keeping Insects Out

When choosing the right ASI security doors Adelaide , there are several factors you should keep in mind. These include durability, strength, resistance to rust, and insect protection. Below are some of the critical features of these doors. You should consider these qualities when choosing the right type of security door for your home or business. Keeping insects out is an obvious benefit, but a strong security door is also suitable for your home and office.

ASI Security Doors AdelaideKeeping insects away

Insect screens can keep sand flies and mosquitoes out. A quality insect screen will keep even the tiniest critters out. They may seem harmless, but they aren’t! This screen will also prevent paper wasps and European wasps from entering your home. Keeping insects away is easier than you think! Follow these simple tips to keep insects out of your home!

Keep your windows closed when not in use. Bugs are attracted to windows when there is light inside. Using natural insect sprays on the outside windows will repel these pesky creatures. Alternatively, you can use store-bought insect repellents. A bug-repelling spray contains a smell that repels pests. Call a pest control company for help if these methods do not work.


A solid reputation for quality installation and manufacturing is the strength of ASI Security Doors Adelaide. However, your family, possessions, and home are at risk when you leave your home unattended. Choosing the right security door is crucial for protecting these items and preventing unauthorised access to your property. ASI Security Doors Adelaide has the best security solutions for your home. Read on to learn more about these products and how they can protect you and your property.


For maximum protection, choose security doors made from Specially Tempered Aluminium (STA), which are corrosion-resistant and offer unbeatable strength. Other features of Security Doors Adelaide include high-quality framing and hardware, and the thickness of the grille is 7 mm. In addition, they are built to the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. So whether you need an extra-strong door for your home or business, ASI security doors Adelaide have you covered.


When purchasing ASI security doors Adelaide, the main concern you might have is their durability. Therefore, it would be best to ensure that the grilles are sturdy and appropriately fixed. If the grilles are not correctly fixed, you cannot have security standards for your screen door. They should be riveted to a rare section of the frame. You should also pay attention to the grille spacing, and the standard spacing should be at least 25 centimeters.

The steel frame of a security door Adelaide is essential. Besides being strong, it will also provide added strength and peace of mind. The Specially Tempered Aluminium grille paired with high-quality hardware and framing will provide the highest level of protection. These doors also meet the Australian Security Door Standard AS5039. In addition, they are available with an embossed panel on the lower half of the door. If you need to purchase a security door Adelaide that is more affordable but still meets the highest standards, you can choose the Half Panel door. You can choose between the Half Panel or the Diamond Grille door.

Resistance to rust

The security doors offered by ASI are known for their high quality. The security screen doors have thick double-galvanized aluminium frames to provide protection and tamper-proof magnetic locks to prevent unauthorised access. You can choose from the standard or premium ranges available in steel and aluminium frames. In addition, the security screens come with a lifelong warranty to ensure maximum security and durability.

If you live in an area where the corrosive properties of salt are a concern, you should select an ASI security door made of marine-grade stainless steel. The alloy is known to be corrosion resistant and does not attract rust easily. Furthermore, the stainless steel mesh is insulated and does not contact the aluminium frame, which acts as a catalyst for corrosion. AS5039 requires security doors to withstand an accelerated test of 240 hours in salty conditions. Many security door systems fail this test after 500 to 750 hours.

Space-saving design

ASI Security Doors Adelaide is among the most modern developments in home safety management. The thickness and sturdiness of these doors make it difficult for anyone to see what goes on inside. They provide peace of mind and eliminate worries about nosy neighbours. With these doors, you can be confident that your family is safe and secure. You can choose between a standard security door or an upgraded security door that features a decorative appearance.

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