AEG Angle Grinder

AEG’s new WS21-230 Angle Grinder features a hard epoxy coating on the field wiring and armature, sealed bearings, and a three finger switch. All of these features make this machine a more durable choice than most other types. This tool is also safer to use, with ergonomic dead man paddle switches that make it easier to operate. Its safety guards are also more convenient and prevent injuries, as the machine’s two-stage dust protection system includes a safety shield that keeps the power cord in a safe location.

aeg angle grinderAn AEG angle grinder can be cordless or corded and can handle a wide variety of materials. Some are electric, while others are gas-powered and large-scaled. The design of each angle grinder is slightly different, but they share certain features, including the size and type of disc. Most models have a dust port and a dead man switch to prevent accidental shut-off. While the type of discs varies from one brand to another, the basic design is the same.

The AEG angle grinder are a great way to get more done in a short amount of time. With a 670-watt motor, this tool can handle jobs of all sizes. The wheels are 115mm in diameter, and the direct-air exhaust system is convenient for the user. This powerful angle grinder is a great alternative to a large tile saw. It can also cut concrete paving stones, ceramic tiles, and other types of stone. However, it’s important to purchase a diamond cutting disc and a masonry grinding disc for best results. The diamond blade will cut faster and last longer.

The AEG WS6-115 Angle Grinder is a powerful tool with an impressive wattage. The 18V 125mm Angle Grinder has a burst-resistant grinding guard, a 114mm wheel, and a 125mm disc. The AEG WS6-115 WS6 Angle Grinder has a 115mm wheel diameter, and is suitable for metal and masonry work.

The AEG angle grinder is an efficient tool for cutting metal and wood with a high-wattage power. The 125mm AEG WS6-115 is the most powerful angle grinder in its class and uses a metal gearbox. A WS6-115 is suitable for masonry and metal work and uses a 125mm wheel. It has a direct air exhaust system, but be sure to check first.

The AEG WS6-115 Angle Grinder is a powerful tool with a 670 watts of power. This machine has a burst-resistant grinding guard and a 115mm wheel diameter. Its direct air exhaust system means it is ideal for masonry and metal work. Its compact design also makes it ideal for tight spaces. The AEG WS6-115 Angle Grinders come in a variety of sizes.

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